Osteoarthritis radiology hand

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Twenty workers occupationally exposed to vibration WOEV c omplaining of painful elbow joint were investigated and the findings were compared to those of 20 non-exposed control subjects match-paired by age. Necrotic subchondral bone demarcation first appeared as a radiolucent area Stage I. Later the dissection bed was demarcated from the healthy bone by osteoarthritis radiology hand antibiotikum harnwegsinfekt ciprofloxacin thin sclerotic reactive rim Stage II.

The dissected bone became sclerotic and demarcated from the bone bed by a larger sclerotic layer.

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The dissected particle or the few fragments sometimes scattered as calcareous loosed bodies in the joint cavity Stage III. All these stages of the process could be well depicted by HRCT. In the WOEV group, a typical finding of OD was a normal joint cavity around the dissection sometimes with a few tiny marginal osteophytes, in contrast to osteoarthritis OA that occurred with extensive irregular subchondral sclerosis, and irregular narrowed joint cavity and larger marginal osteophytes in the control group.

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It is worth mentioning that in Hungary, OD has been recognised as a consequence of occupational exposure to vibration i. HRCT finding together with documented vibration exposure of more than five years is the proper way to reliably verify OD of the elbow as an occupational disease.

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Cessation of exposure can help to prevent progression. Received: 25 August

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