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Tennis elbow

So we're talking about the radial nerve of getting sort of irritated.

tennis elbow

Comes back of the elbow and forearm these three exercises can be really useful for you so the first way is the first one Nathan's going to demonstrate is we just got the ninja punch So there's two different variations of this, but what I want to show you first is the way tennis elbow need to talk to about so what we don't want to do is it doesn't want to be gripping it hard because if you got if you really start gripping tennis elbow object tight and you've got a really sore sort of tendon in your elbow, that's going to aggravate it further.

So what we do is we just look it over the hand so the hands.

tennis elbow

Nice movement and all Nathan's going to do just from there because he's going to take you from a bent position and he's going to straighten it out and then come back and that's the nicest way just to start so that baby éles fájdalom tennis elbow térdízületben straight with the elbow that's going to start getting that moving tennis elbow the blood flow going and hopefully just count some of the symptoms there now, if it's okay, your elbows feeling fine, but it's really nice to add to this is you start adding a twist so Nathan can start with his hand facing up and then what he's going to do is he pushes out hands are going to turn it over.

So this is why we're. To the ninja punch and by doing that, you get that nice rotational movement through the elbow.

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It's hard for them to get going now if you do tennis elbow that tennis elbow component in your tendency to the other thing we do is we want to do a bit of flossing.

So what we'll get Nathan to do he stands for me. To do is he's going to strain the arm right leg and that's your median nerve.

tennis elbow

And then he comes back. That's his neck and turn on their legs in a backhand and that's going to start flossing his radio so if he goes.

Korai hozzáférésű játék

Radio Ten times and if you're feeling pretty good as he does that coordinate, he can bend his head away that really stretches that nerve comes back in stretches that away coordination is not the easiest to get it should be three really early stage exercises. It that will help you do this three or four times tennis elbow day early stages.

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Let's see how we go and we'll push it from there. Nice tennis elbow see you speak to you later. Buh bye.

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